Lost Ways

The Lost Ways is a program that show and teaches us the lost ways of food.  It explains how our forefathers lived and survived with their food portions.  The Lost Ways, you will learn  how to get back what we have lost.

Lost Ways Will show You How to make the ultimate Survival Food that is called the SUPER FOOD that will last a lifetime without refrigeration.  It is very Nurterest that you will never have to stock pill any other food.

The food is called pimitkit, and was used by the native americans and the explorers that would go  months without civilization.  In the 1900’s they had found some explorers with 4oz of Pimmit that was still in tack after 50 years.

Sounds interesting then see for yourself the videos that help us learn to survive with what we have on the land.

see below and search the site its very interesting

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